Paper Heart does not prove love

I recently watched the movie, Paper Heart . It was a pretty low quality movie with little direction. It was forced and disingenuous. Basically it was a cheap, sad, unfunny version of When Harry Met Sally.

The part of the movie that really warmed my heart was how Oklahoma was represented. I love that our great state was represented by a biker bar with the most hick accents I have ever heard. The bikers told jokes about how much they love beating their wives and how much their wives hate being beat. We made Arkansas look really good. I mean REALLY good. Texas and the quick marriage chapels in Las Vegas also looked much, much better. Wow.

The only enjoyable aspects of the movie were some of the real couples telling about special moments in their relationships. I enjoyed one about a hopeless suitor saving the shoes of the woman he wanted. And another about a soldier rushing home to see the birth of his child and once he saw that both his wife and baby were fine he passed out on the floor. The best part about those stories is that they are flawed and real. And it was not at those moments that they knew they would love that person forever, they were just quirky moments that showed a part of their love.

True love does not exist. It is a bunch of Americanized fairy tale crap. Romantic comedies and Disney has given us a false look at the world and relationships. I think love does exist but I think it takes a lot of work. Love is more about comfort, trust and enjoyment as opposed to lightning strikes and love at first sight. I also do not believe that there is only one true love for each of us. I think I chose Mr. Neruda and may have to choose him a few more times in my life over other attractive guys that I could get along with and are new and interesting. But because I chose his love and continue to choose it, I think that it is more special and important than anything fate could have russled up for me. I have seen some of the "love at first sight" couples and frankly, they look like they should have waved good-bye to one another in high school and dated around awhile in college.

This movie was a disappoint to me and made me cringe to have other Americans looking at that image of Oklahomans.

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