Snorting etiquette

Is it uncouth to snort at your own joke? I recently cracked up at my own joke while working at the information desk and laughed so hard I snorted, a little. My co-workers then said that it was egotistical to snort at your own joke. Interesting. I feel that humor is humor no matter where it is coming from.

The incident from which the snort stemmed came about after my co-worker announced that he had recently bought a Clapper. This led me to think of the Clapper commercial with the old lady impatiently clapping at her Clapper. He talked about all the different ways they had tried creating the clapping sound to see what would work, clicking, slapping his thigh, etc.

Suddenly, I had the horrible (yet funny) thought of someone beating up their spouse* in a room with a Clapper. With every second strike the light would go on and off. This cracked me up so much that I could barely say the whole thing through the laughter, which led to the unfortunate snorting incident.

* The makers of this blog would like to clarify that they in no way condone domesticate violence regardless of the presence of absurd commercial television products. We further disavow any liability for any and all acts of violence which may follow, including but not limited to clap-on, clap-off, or chi-chi-chi-chia.

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