To cream or not to cream

As part of my quarter-life crisis, I have begun to really evaluate my physical appearance. The boobs are still perky and my clothes still fit, though some parts jiggle a tad more than in my Twiggy days. The real problem I am seeing are lines around my eyes. When I smile, two accordions begin to play beside each of my eyes. This is alarming. I have not reached the 30 mark and already my skin is sagging and lines are appearing.

I have begun to battle this with anti-wrinkle cream. That's right, anti-wrinkle cream. My problem with this is it makes me fearful that I am starting this phase in my life too early and by using this cream my face will become reliant on it and it will actually cause more problems than good. I don't know when most girls begin using these products and I don't really know how these products work. When I was much younger and thought 40 was close to death, I thought that was when women began this process. As I have matured I moved up the timeline to begin around 30. However, at 26 I fear that my body has finally decided to be an early bloomer. I always enjoyed being a late bloomer and am a little pissed that my body decided to change things up a bit now. Couldn't have started in junior high when I really needed those boobs, huh?

This is all made to be even more irritating because I have always been a good girl when it comes to sunscreen. I have been made fun of countless times for my SPF 80 and constant reapplications. But apparently the whole sunblock thing was made up by sunscreen companies to sell more product just like Santa Clause was for Coke. Now Christmas and Summer are ruined for me.

Since I am more of a head-em'-off-at-the-pass kind of girl instead of a do-nothing person, I will continue to use my anti-wrinkle cream every morning and evening. However, I will not purchase any of the "over 50" products until I am at least 40 or shockingly resemble the Bitter Beer Face guy.

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