Up . . . tear

I just watched Up. I have heard a lot about it. Oh, it is so good, it made me cry, blah, blah. However, I have been crying on and off through the whole thing. It is ridiculous.

This is possibly the worst movie to watch while going through a quarter-life crisis. The first ten minutes broke my heart with the spunky Ellie having such big dreams and not achieving any of them. But then to see the beautiful marriage the two of them had made it seem like not fulfilling her dreams was okay. But I don't think I can agree with that.

Can't having a sweet and fulfilling marriage be coupled with acheiving ridiculously adventerous dreams? Life is hard and adulthood sucks. Life is full of compromise and I hate selling out.

But then Russell, the little boy, says that it's the boring stuff he remembers most. And I think there is truth in that. I think there is great value in appreciating the little things. However, I also hope that I don't give up life and adventure for memories and my stuck-in-a-rut ways.

I am just going to have to bundle Mr. Neruda up with Mariella and Hester, sling them on my back and head off into the great unknown. Or possibly Mr. Neruda could take a pet and use his own legs and we could hike it together. I think that might be the greatest adeventure of all.

Overall I give the movie two thumbs up and a bucket of tears. However, I find it hard to believe that an old man who must use a cane can really climb all over the outside of a moving blimp, but whatever.

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