Competition is healthy

I kind of think I am competitive. It has always been said of me, but I thought in a joking way. I've never been one to cry after losing a game or anything so I thought I wasn't. I mean, there was the one episode where I almost made my much older cousin cry during a Spades game (Which I still hold to the fact that I was completely right. A person just doesn't throw away an Ace card to hold on to a two when covering a teammate going Neal. COME ON!)

However, after an incident today at work, I think it might be true.

Today was Sizzler day. A beautiful day that comes once a week. This day makes me over-joyed to be a librarian. Sizzler day is when newly-released movies become available, but there is a catch. They are put on a special shelf, and people are not allowed to put them on hold. It is on a first-come first-serve basis. The movies check-out for a shorter amount of time so more people get a chance to see them, but we rarely seem them for weeks once the public get a hold of them.

However, to make this day magical, the lovely circulation ladies give us a shout out and employees who want them and can get there first get the privilege of the first check-out. Today I heard the beautiful cry that Up in the Air and Precious were available. These are two of the Oscar movies I sadly had to miss due to time and finances, so I was excited to see them. As soon as I heard the cry, I leaped up, squealed and started that way. And then, something fateful happened. One of my co-workers said the words, "Ooh, I am going to race Leanne."

Something came over me. There were more than two copies of each movie, so we both would have gotten one. I just couldn't stomach the thought that my co-worker might beat me at ANYTHING. So, I ran. And continued running even when we got to the doorway that was somewhat narrow. I inched in-front of her and hip-bumped her a bit. Her bracelet went flying and she let out a yell. Then she was gone.

In my defense, she began the whole thing and I went back for her to make sure she was not truly injured. I also got to the movies first and got a copy of both.

I feel good about myself.

So, yes, I am probably competitive. I think it is good to discover new things about yourself everyday. And this is definitely an epiphany.

I shall try to manage this personality quirk, but I think the people in my trapeze class had better watch out. I am totally going to win!

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