My first pageant!!!!

That's right, I have finally hit the pageant scene. I know many will think, "Why hasn't this happened before?" After actually being a part of one I now wonder the very same thing. I rocked the pageant scene. The only downside is that I placed 1st Runner Up because they allowed unlimited audience voting and one library brought A LOT of rich people.

The Oklahoma Library Association's Conference is this week and tonight was the Stacked Modelling Show where contestants had to make their outfits out of as much library materials as they could and then have a model parade up and down the runway. Since I was the only one who could fit in a library bag I was the chosen one for our branch.

There was some fierce competition. I actually went up against my most dreaded library professor (The only B I made was from HER!).

She is far scarier in real life.

My dress takes after the great Audrey Hepburn with a hat made of Hold Slips, the dress made of library bags with a zipper pocket to allow easy access to important librarian needs!

The good news is that I didn't fall at all! And my heels were high.

The winner did have an awesome outfit though mine was made entirely of library material (whatever).

Overall I had a blast. It helped that all the librarians around me turned into gigantic lushes. There were many who were having problems walking and a few men who became a little hands-y with me. Humorous to watch. I abstained because I felt I would be having enough problems walking without throwing in a liquid hazard.

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