Rapex: My kind of tampon

I recently read about a new device that is getting a lot of weird controversy. I think it is the best idea I've come across in a long time. The device is called Rapex and is basically a hollow cone that is to be inserted into the vagina like a tampon. Inside the cone are lines of barbs that painfully attach themselves to any unwanted penis that might be thrust inside the vagina. An anti-rape device, genius.

This device has been developed by a South African woman. South Africa has the highest rape stats with 1.7 million women a year being raped and beaten. Some feminists have stated that this device is disgusting and women should not have to adapt to rape. I think that is a great sentiment. However, in a country where women can't walk across the street without the fear of being raped seems like a place that might need a little extra "protection." The women who are against the device have compared it to chastity belts. I think that is a poor comparison. Chastity belts were something that men forced on women to "protect" them from other men (even if the women wanted to sex them up) where as this is a device that allows women to choose to wear it in their own defense.

I would love to see the look on a rapist's face when he got his most valued fella stuck in a vagina trap.


  1. I think that is magnificent! It is sad that this has to exist in our world, but I would definitely rock one in South Africa. Every man that rapes a woman deserves that outcome.

  2. Thank you! I too love it. I think all rapers should have painful things happen to their dicks. It makes me gleeful.