That's no lady!

I recently ventured to Portland, OR for a librarian conference. And we got crazy! Crazy enough anyways.

Every night as we ventured through the town I kept passing this sign:

It intrigued me for obvious reasons. Our last night in Portland I finally talked three other gals into going with me. And it left me wide-eyed.

For one thing, these were not dainty men . . . women . . . whatever.

Some were also not young.

They sang, they danced.

Liza was there,

as was Whitney.

And can I just say that Whitney makes a better woman than I.

For their final act, they flashed their little guys at us, or at least a close copy that took liberties.

Afterwards we were ambushed by strippers. The sign said that the drag show was at 8:30 and 10:30 with stripping at midnight. They ushered all the 8:30 people out to let us 10:30 people come in. We figured the same would happen with the midnight show. However, that did not happen. All of a sudden men in ridiculous costumes came out. Their hips began swivelling. They got this glint in their eyes.

Since we were there we thought we might stay for at least one guy. However, once the cowboy was down to a g-string (is that what they're called for guys?) he came down into the audience to begin humping random people. It was at that point that we fled. I really only appreciate the humping of one fella.

Anywho, the whole thing definitely felt like a fun symptom of a quarter-life crisis!

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