Oscars 2011

I love the Oscars! I can't help it. From the dresses and the commentary to the awards and acceptance speeches I just get a thrill.

Mr. Neruda and I enjoy having Oscar parties and this year was no different. It was a party of three and one of us slept through the majority of the program with one small eating break. The rest of us got some fun appetizer take out and went to town in our pjs voicing our opinions, judging everyone and gorging ourselves. It was a blast. Possibly the best Oscar party we have thrown yet.

The Oscars themselves were not that exciting. Mr. Neruda was devastated by The Social Network not winning best picture and I was annoyed that Melissa Leo won best supporting actress (her speech didn't help anything either). But mostly I couldn't stop focusing on whether James Franco was stoned or not. For his sake I hope he was.

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