The Brontes

I find myself discussing my breasts a lot these days. Mostly with my son and husband but also with others who wish to know how the breast feeding is going and who wish to commiserate about their own motherhood experiences. It is because of this that I felt they needed names so that it would be more fun to talk about them as well as their being slightly in code when being spoken about in public.

I at first thought Batman and Robin would be fun because I love them and wanted my breasts to be able to fight crime, as alluded to in a previous post. However, I then came to the conclusion that they ought to be female. It just makes since. So then I considered Catwoman and Batgirl or something heroic, but they just don't have the same combo effect that B & R do. Thelma and Louise were top contenders since they are spunky and attractive. However, they seem such an obvious choice for something like this and I didn't want my boobs to be obvious and mundane.

Then it came to me, The Brontes. Emily and Charlotte are a lovely choice. They were spunky, literate, a natural combo and look how attractive. Why shouldn't my boobs be represented by attractive and kind of successful women (meaning during their own time, not in general)?

So there you have it folks, my breasts will hence forth be referred to as The Brontes, respectively.


  1. I think I peed my pants when you referred to your breasts as the Brontes in your last post. It's perfect!!! Plus I can say "Kick her right in the Brontes". It has a nice ring to it.

  2. That is perfect. My goal was to make you pee your pants.