1st Race, for real this time

Today marked a very special occasion. One that I am thrilled about and hope is the beginning of something beautiful.

Little Man's first race!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technically, I ran the Koman Run when I was 6 months pregnant and did count that as his first race, but this time he was breathing oxygen and wearing a bib number and everything so this is probably his first one. I actually made his bib myself because I didn't think it fair for him to not have one in his first race. And because I thought it was hilarious and adorable.

It was beautiful. The weather was great, we were all in good spirits, and I ran into my boss as she was doing the 5K. Little Man could not have been a better sport. We got there, picked up our packets and all, breastfed (on a windy day outside which was a challenge) and then lined up for the race. By the time we were lined up he had fallen asleep. However, it turns out that he is one heck of a trainer. I had to stop twice to walk and every time I did he began to stir and stretch and I wasn't sure how well he would do awake so off I would go running again. Then we end with another awkward feeding session and a blow out diaper. However, through every single thing he was all smiles and contentment. He just let us manipulate him anyway we wanted and just went with the flow. As long as milk was in his tummy he was good to go. I just love him and his laid back nature. He is fabulous!

In my defense to walking, this was my first real running exertion since labor, or actually a few months before that. I have only been allowed to exercise for 3 weeks now and had a c-section, so I feel I did pretty well. I did finish third, which was annoying since I was in the Stroller Derby but the two in front both had 1 and 2 year olds which means they have been running a lot longer than myself.

One highlight of the afternoon was at the end of the run when I was racing uphill and feeling pretty weak. A man ran past me and shouted out, "Way to run, Mom. Good job!" I am not sure why but that made me feel amazing. It was a kind of validation for where I am in my life right now and for how uphill my running regimen really is. This is not the easiest thing to come back from, though it is possible. It is just nice to have other runners acknowledging that I am not this puny because I am weak and pathetic, but because my abs were cut through and I carried a whole nother person inside me for 9 months.

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