Emotional mommy

I have started reading Kelly Oxford's blog. She has quite a few hilarious things to read. However, I was struck by one of the things she said about crying.

When I was a kid I’d see my Mom crying during a movie and I’d think,
“How embarrassing. She has issues!”
In retrospect, I was simply lacking life experience, so the movie couldn’t draw any emotion out of me.
Example: Salinger and I watched “My Sister’s Keeper”
I went to the bathroom four times to keep her from seeing me crying, but she didn’t cry at all… because she doesn’t understand pain or loss or girls’ movies… yet.

That was absolutely me when I was younger, and is really still me now. However, since I have begun getting so weepy I have started getting terrified of becoming That woman. Ugh. But after reading that blog post I started thinking about it differently. I apparently have A LOT to draw from now.

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