Sexy tots

Here's an article from CNN about how sexy our little girls are getting. I must say I agree with most of what he said. Working in schools and the library I see so many girls dressed inappropriately. Some are with their other inappropriate friends and some are with their inappropriate moms, which explains a lot. But some are with their moms who are dressed like a grandma. Those I really don't understand.

Now that I am a mom, I have started thinking about my dress and where I shop. I am a professional business woman, mom and twenty-something. I have a difficult balance to strike between looking like an idiotic fifty-something out of the 1940s and looking like I belong on a college campus prowling for a lay. Sadly, my size makes it easier to buy the trampy things more than the appropriate things.

I want to look stylish, young and hip, but also appropriate for my business place and to be someone's mom. Though I take care of my body and think it is pretty decent to look at, the fact is that I am not on the prowl for a lay. When I am I put something lacy and indecent on at home and pose seductively until my husband notices (or actually I wear a bathrobe or pjs or something and say, "Hey, you want some?"). So, if I am not prowling, and I would like my son to respect women, then mighten I dress not like a tramp?

I wish a few more moms would take this approach. Or at least tell their 8 year-olds that they are an adult and the dress is different so pick the shorts that go to their knees, the sweats with no writing on the ass, and the shirt that loosely covers their whole torso. I hate feeling like a skeezy person because I glance at an elementary student and see club clothes that scream fuck me.

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