Decadent evening for one

Mr. Neruda and I decided to sell our house and buy a new one while having an infant. The new house came with quite a few quirks, so many so that we are still working on the place over a month after moving in. I will say that Little Man sure doesn't speed things up much.

One of the reasons we chose this house is because of the magnificent bathtub in the master bathroom. I have a thing for baths. I like them very much. However, the faucet needed fixing on the tub and it has been off limits to me . . . until tonight.

Tonight was the night of decadence. And I did it up right. I did every single thing I could think of to pamper myself. I nursed my baby and put him down for the night. That bought me three hours, which I could push to four before needing to pump, so I actually had a small glass of wine. If you are in the camp of thinking nursing moms shouldn't drink at all, so am I. However, I think we should all be happy that I didn't partake of my drink of choice, scotch, and that I stuck to wine. I had the largest brownie I could cut from the pan without actually taking the whole pan with me. I ran the water hot, added lavendar sea salt, and lit a candle.

I read for an entire 45 minutes straight. That is something that has been unheard-of lately. I rubbed my kioske expensive dead sea salt stuff all over me (I love kioske stuff. You can usually fine great deals and they have cool stuff like neat sheets, and hot irons, and ointments.). I then lathered myself with my fancy lotion and chilled out to some Fleet Foxes.

It was a dream. I haven't felt so care free and fancy in a long time. Eventhough I can never stop being a mom and am always on-call, I took a much needed hiatus from my duties and lived a selfish, decadent moment. Amen.

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  1. I try to do this exact thing at least every other night. I think it is why I am still alive and kicking.