I am sad to admit that I don't know much about the Suffragettes. I know they got women the vote and were pretty cool ladies, but that is about all.

I watched the documentary Gloria last night which is about Gloria Steinem. It was a very good flick, but it shamed me with all the knowledge I don't have about those times. I know there is a quote by Susan B Anthony, "our job is not to make women grateful but to make them ungrateful." So go me there, I am apparently quite ungrateful about the whole thing since I completely take it for granted.

However, the doc gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes when it went through all the things women did to gain equality. All the words, images, and ridicule that were thrown in their faces and how they continued to power through it all. Amazing. I almost weep for being born after that maelstrom since I will never get to be a part of such an amazing, empowering, and painful movement.

I have vowed to educate myself on both movements so that I may honor their hard work and hopefully better appreciate the freedom I have and see the flaws that still exist. I want to make those ladies proud.

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