I am having my own personal Renaissance and it feels wonderful.

I think it stems from a new found freedom from constant mommy duties or it could be something completely different but whatever it is I am loving it.

I have started painting again, three completed pictures and one more in mind for sure. I have started reading actual books again. I have also started writing and thinking and dreaming up new projects again. I find I have a new energy about things. I am constantly humming with new ideas for creation. I think I am driving Mr. Neruda a little crazy actually. He is happy about my personal projects but my inspiration does not stop there, it extends to joint projects and he isn’t exactly in the same place as me at the same time as me so . . .

Anyhoo, I am feeling more fulfilled with my time and self value. Gone are the days of working all day, caring for the baby and then vegging in-front of the TV until I exhaustedly fall into bed. Even if my time is spent in a hot bath it is not wasted time. I read a real book in there. I plan my new projects. I listen to new music that I missed .

My emaciated soul is soaking in this Renaissance with glee. Too long have I let myself go without everything that is interesting about life. I haven’t challenged myself in months. However, now I am challenging myself physically, intellectually and emotionally and I feel whole again.

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