The Class . . . Wow

Mr. Neruda and I watched The Class last night. I was completely exhausted when it was over. The intensity of the film was incredible. Having both been teachers, we probably related to the film more than most but it was overall powerful for anyone. It relates the look and feel of a classroom better than anything I have watched before. Fights do break out in the classroom, horrible things are said (sometimes by both students and teachers), students will do anything to get out of learning, will be incredibly critical and mean towards their teacher, and sadly teachers will try to play the respect me because I'm an adult card.
I think that was one of the worst things the teachers did in that movie. Trying to force respect just because they are older is a fast way to lose teenagers. I truly don't see a problem with the teacher saying the girls were acting like skanks. I don't see a problem with him returning their sarcasm. I saw a problem with him expecting respect he had not earned and I saw a problem with him being so lax with how they spoke with one another.

I did think that the over all feel of the movie was spot on, for better or for worse. I think it is hard to not feel like you are fighting hard in a losing battle. God bless the tiny pockets of hope that are sprinkled throughout.

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