Ball rolling

For the purposes of the blog I shall be known as Annie Neruda and my husband shall be called Mr. Neruda. When we were married I tried hard to get my husband to change his last name along with me changing my last name. I felt that it would be equalizing and also fun. The new name that I proposed was Neruda. I felt we would be good as the Nerudas or even perhaps the Nerudi if spoken of in the plural. However, he didn't go for it. But, since this is my domain we shall be reborn in cyberspace as the Nerudi.

I have a kitty, Mariella, whom I love and a dog, Hester who is a cute little pill. We are without children and I am frankly without the dream of a child. I do have the dream of finding friends who are also without children, but as my years pile up that dream seems to fizzle out more and more.

I am a librarian with a fresh Master's degree under my belt. And may I take the time to add that librarians do a lot more than point out books to people and we do require a Master's degree. Seriously, it is an important, under-appreciated job. Mr. Neruda is a graduate student of philosophy and sometime teacher of Jr. High and High School students.

I am currently 26 years old and in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. Perhaps this is because I am scared to death of getting pregnant and all my friends and family are having babies. Maybe it is because I am on the very real cusp of young adulthood and adulthood. Maybe it is because my friends of the past few years have all been older than me and living different lives than mine own. Whatever the reason, I am beginning to feel the weight of my years and worry about how to handle it. I wish to feel virile and confident and capable of great achievement. I want to use my body physically before I am too far past my prime and am in diapers. I want to have fun and live a crazy, youthful existence in a way I missed while in high school and college, but worry that it is too late for me and I must now beginning growing up in a very real way. Because of this pile of conundrums, I feel that I am in the middle of a life crisis. And because I hope to live past the age of 52, I will refer to it as my quarter-life crisis. I am going to embrace this new year with a zeal and reckless passion that has not yet been seen before. And since part of that is to face certain fears, I chronicle it here on this blog.

Let's see, shall we?

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