Drowning . . . every bit as bad as advertised

So, my family and I recently took a little trip down a river. The river roared with rapids and white water galore. It has always been a dream of mine to white water raft, so I was incredibly excited about it. And I will say, it was fun. Really fun. Pretty much the entire trip was a blast, except for the quasi-drowning part. I would recommend that anyone who takes a trip down the river do so in a raft, not sans raft like my father, husband and I did.

The lower picture is of Mr. Neruda being thrown from the boat. The top picture is of me experiencing drowning first hand. I have to say, it would not be a pleasurable way to die. At all. Really, it sucked. The best part was when I finally surfaced in less rough water, finding myself right by the exact "wall" the guide said to not be anywhere near if you wind up in the water. It was a little something called a swimmers' trap.

There were frankly a whole lot of "Oh Craps!" spoken on that trip. But man was it a hoot.

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