I'm no Sweetie, I'm Sour

Is it mean to not like being flirted with. At the library, if I try to hold professional conversations with people and use a somewhat clipped tone with leering men, it seems that I come off as a rude bitch. I get told to smile a lot and lighten up. I also get called things like Sweetie, Sugar, Darling, Honey and other things that describe objects much sweeter than I.

Men don't seem to get told to smile when they are at work trying to help someone use a computer. I think this has to do with something more than the fact that I am a young woman. I think it also has to do with these men not respecting my career or the work I do. I am not actually a Hooters waitress. I need a Master's degree to do my job. I do my job well. Doing my job well means that these men get the exact information and help they need. And yet this does not satisfy them. Apparently they will only be satisfied if I also allow them to breathe their nasty breath in my face, rub against me and then address me with belittling names.

The above mentioned assaults are all things I expect when I wear slutty clothes and go to bars and clubs. However, these are not things I expect when I dress professionally and go to work. Oh dear Creepo-s, let's make a deal. I will speak to you with a huge smile on my face when you keep a socially acceptable distance from me and call me names like Ma'am, Librarian, or even Hey You.

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