Snow day!

When I was a child, I use to worry that I would no longer get snow days as an adult. This thought made me extremely sad. We're talking distraught.

However, I am happy to report that today was a snow day. I am not even a teacher and I got a snow day! This is doubly good because I live far away from work. But the real beauty of this is that I got to sit at home and watch a Gilmore Girls marathon with Mr. Neruda, cook stew, quilt, pet my pets and take a walk in the blinding snow to Target. There was no real reason for that last part, we just really wanted to walk somewhere in the snow.

This storm has actually been delightful. The large flaked, soft falling, beautiful snow storm is a rarity in these parts. It is normally just ice, hail and coldness. I love watching it, I love playing in it, and I love knowing it is out there when the window is closed. Yeah for snow!

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