Don't begin to covet

I am off next week to the coastal land of Portland. This is exciting to me because I have never been, yet fully believe that I should live there (it actually makes sense in my mind and that is all that counts). Next week is the big Public Library Association Conference and from what I hear, it is the conference of the year.
Don’t be shocked, librarians can get CRAZY when put in one place, or under the influence of alcohol, or when thinking of Batgirl, or most times. People have no idea.

Anyways, I digress. The real reason I am writing this is because of what I will be doing on the side while in Portland. I will be going to the amazing Powell’s Bookstore, not just for the books and experience, but for an author! I will get to see the hilarious Christopher Moore speak and read from his new book, which is the third in his trilogy of vampire books, my favorites. First came Bloodsucking Fiends, then came You Suck, and now comes Bite Me!

I am not certain, but something makes me think that he will be one funny guy in person just like he is on paper. And for my trouble to get out and come to hear him I get a signed copy of his book! Call me a nerdy librarian but I am excited.

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