I feel that it is important to have fear in ones life.

In order for me to stay young at heart I feel the need to do things that require me to screw my courage to the sticking place. I am afraid that if all I do are a series of things that take place within my complacent sphere of life I will shrivel up and become a big, dull dud. I need to pop out of my little adult bubble and do things that require me to breathe deeply, second guess my actions, and possibly cause my palms to sweat.

I love it. I loved the fear and anticipation I felt on the starting line of my marathon. I loved the nervous feeling of being lost and unprepared for my first graduate class. And now for my next harrowing feat:

I shall take trapeze lessons next weekend! I am so excited. I know that I will be terrified when I am up there, looking down. But I think I will be thrilled with the speed of whooshing back and forth. The awe at being plucked out of the air by a guy flying by on another trapeze. I absolutely can't wait. I hope to have the moment captured on film to share with whomever is willing to look.

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