Willow-y can't kick your ass

Tonight I had an epiphany.

Body image is a real problem for everyone in America, especially females. I have struggled with it a great deal. I have starved for it, worked myself faint for it, cried about it, and more. I have mostly grown out of taking extreme measures for the perfect, willow-y frame. It is too much trouble and I am too busy. Plus, the more I exercise the meatier I become.

Then, as I was watching Alexis Bledel being physically (and over all) useless tonight in yet another film, it came to me: she couldn't kick anyone's ass. She is weak. Perhaps graceful, thin and delicate, but weak. If I was willow-y like her I would be just as useless and should fear for my life since I would not be able to protect myself. I hope I never become a body type like her's. Twiggy was called Twiggy because her limbs would snap like a twig when even slight pressure was applied. I am not so delicate. I can take force and I can return force. I can run 13+ miles, spar, and do home repairs. I take pride in this. Sure I will never waltz down a runway wearing something ugly that will never, thankfully, be found in stores, but by-gome I won't be useless either.

Xena wasn't willow-y. Wonder Woman wasn't willow-y. Buffy wasn't either. And neither am I. I eat, I run, and I kick any ass that needs it.

Long live the thicker frame!

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