Gangs have devolved

In this day and age gangs seem to be all about drugs and violence. This makes me sad. For years I have thought that was the only way for gangs to be. I have watched The Wire, I know.

But then I began to do a little historical research. Apparently gangs have not always been this way. There was a time when violence was a small part of their day and they really only dabbled in cigarettes and booze. They sang and danced. They combed their hair a lot and snapped. They were cool.

If Grease and The West Side Story can be believed there is a completely different way for gangs to exist. Instead of people trying so hard to change them and break up their gangs, let's put that energy into choreography and lyric writing.

It also seems best to get them when they are young because they aren't as cautious and are more limber. That way we can really get the high leaps out of them off of fire escapes and the like.

I am going to bring my message to the inner city schools and non-profit organizations. I feel my cause will be helped with the above mentioned National Geographic videos that are perfect for proving my point by showing gangs interacting in their natural habitat a few decades ago.

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  1. Great idea! I think we should also try to reform the neo-pirates off the west coast of Africa. Maybe if we showed them some educational films about how pirates used wear funny hats and follow magic compasses they'd quit taking hostages.