Budding artists

I love the arts. I support the arts. I even, on occasion, consider myself an artist. However, I find it difficult to support the little budding artists in my library.

A while ago I was strolling through my teen section, making sure all my little library ducks were in a row. On the back wall of my section are fabulous, tall, brightly colored panels of abstract teens in cool poses. While walking towards that wall I noticed a dark smudge on the lower part of a panel. It was actually located right around one of the teen's giant nostril. My first thought was that someone had drawn a booger there. I was mostly wrong.

It was a penis.

Yes, a penis.

This penis was done in Sharpie. It had balls. Hairy balls. Quite large actually. But that is not all it had. The artist really paid attention to details. Apart from the detailed hairy balls there was also jizz.

That's right, this was a happy, satisfied penis. IN SHARPIE. That doesn't just wipe off. We had to repaint that whole section and ban some of the boys from the library for a while. Awesome day.

Now, if the artist had placed the penis in the nostril as some kind of statement about how penises are as useful as boogers or that jizz and snot have similar goo levels, then I would respect their art more than I do now. I also would have respected it more if they had made it three dimensional, possibly adding shading and texture to it. Really the job overall seemed a little rushed.

I will say that I would rather try to wipe Sharpie jizz off my wall more than actual jizz. There is just no telling where the jizz has been.

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