Excellent customer service

Recently, Mr. Neruda and I went to the store to get a pregnancy test. We could not find the test so we stopped a nice worker and asked for directions. The nice worker (who had exceptionally friendly tones) said, "Go that way to that aisle, their by the rublas."

We nodded and walked away. As we walked in the direction indicated Mr. Neruda asked me what she said. I said that I thought she said "rubals" but I don't know what that means. He said, "I think she said rubbers." Then it hit me. That is exactly what she said.

We literally stopped in the aisle in fits of laughter, almost being plowed over by a cart behind us.

And in fact, they were by the rubbers. A whole wall of rubbers.

Ones we probably should have used before. I think it mean spirited to put the two together. It is like rubbing those who need the tests' faces in the birth control they should have been using.

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