1st doc visit . . . a let down

Mr. Neruda and I went to our first doctor's appointment a few days ago.

Mostly it was a let down. They just re-tested me (because those test are SO difficult to operate) and then came in and said, yep, you're pregnant.

He then said, "Oh, lets see when the due date is. When was your last period."

I told him when and he proceeded to take out his iphone. I said something like, um, really, on your phone?

Mr. Neruda said, "Is there really an app for that?"

And the good doctor responded, "Damn right there's an app for that!" and then he guffawed.

Fascinating. Since I could have downloaded that very app myself and done the same thing at home I feel a little jipped. What a waste of a co-pay.

I am now currently in pursuit of every little girl's dream, a gyno!


  1. look into the midwives at ou center. i loved all my experiences there. hardly ever a wait. took as much time with you as you wanted. i also have heard great things about lakeside center on hefner. so when IS the due date?!?!

  2. Jan. 29 allegedly. At 5:23 p.m.