Gosling juggling

Library patrons are like baby ducks and geese. Let me explain.

There is a whole sect of library patrons who seem to imprint on a specific librarian just like baby water fowl with their mommy-like-creature. They speak with a nice librarian who helps them put a book on hold or who finds their lost zip drive, etc. This is great. The patron gets the help they need and the librarian did their job. And then the patron imprints.

The patron then feels that the librarian they imprinted on is now the only librarian who is able to help them. When the book was put on hold and it comes in for pick up, the imprinted librarian is the only one who knows where the book is. There is no other librarian in the world who could possibly help them get it and use it.

Because we librarians love inefficiency and are the most unorganized people on the planet we feel that the best way to help the public is to divide them all into portions and then distribute them out to one appropriate librarian for the patron's convience. We then remain on-call 24-7 to help them with their personal needs because we are their personal librarian. We are similar to doctors really in both pay and availability.

You are welcome public, you little ducks and geese.


  1. Some people juggle geese.

  2. I knew you would know and that makes me love you!