Today at the library I had a little incident.

As I was walking through the library, looking for a book to help a patron, I stumbled across a little girl. She was younger than two, crying and standing alone in front of the copy machine. I immediately looked around for a grown-up who might claim her. As I was doing so she reached her little tiny hand up and grabbed mine.

I thought, okay, we'll walk around until we find her owner. As we began to walk around I heard behind me a frantic shriek of, "OLIVIA!!!!!!!"

I spun around, taking the poor little one with me. A small woman was running at me looking terrified. I immediately dropped her hand and took a step back realizing how I was being perceived. Luckily, I was wearing my library lanyard and she relaxed when she saw it.

She heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Oh, I had no idea who was grabbing my little girl and leaving with her."

I responded maturely, "She grabbed MY hand!"

Apparently all was well afterwards. Olivia was mad at her mommy and left for a while. All were reunited and I was not convicted for any crime.

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