Moral ambiguity

An issue has arisen that seems morally ambiguous to me. I am struggling with whether or not to go down that road, a road that once traveled down may be difficult to get off. It is something that I know in my heart of hearts is probably wrong, but still I think I can reason a way through it.

A new book in a series I read came out on May 4. Because of these economically dreary times, it is not in my budget to purchase a full price, new hard back book. So, I got myself on the library waiting list for it. High up on the list. When the book comes out I will be one of the first to get it. However, the library copy is still on order! It has to go through processing and delivery and many other tedious steps that could make the book take a month or more to get to me. THE HORROR!

To worsen matters, I am in the perfect zone for the book. I have just finished a book, I am in the mood for what this book would bring to me and I yearn. Do you know the feeling, when you crave what that book has to offer, you know it will deliver and you just want to dive in? I am ripe for this book and need it now.

Bookstores have the book. I have no money to buy the book. I could, however, swing the money to "borrow" the book. To purchase the book, read the book in a day or two and return the book with ne're a scratch on it. Conundrum.

Besides the whole "it's the same as stealing" argument, could I? I mean, would it be terrible to borrow a reusable object that is meant for multiple uses? I know when people buy new they expect new, but it will be almost new. I do not crack spines. I do not bend pages. I will not read it while eating Cheetos or in the bath. I could even spritz it with some perfume so that it will be in better shape than when I got it. I could also leave an uplifting message for the next person. They could buy it on a low day and be completely turned around through the positive, serendipitous message. I could change lives with this.

Also, I would not harm good stores. I would not do this at Full Circle, B & N or a mom and pops store. I would do it at Wal-mart. Such a corporation has no feelings. They are The Man and I would be sticking it to them. They harm others all the time and really have it coming. Plus, they leave themselves open for this sort of thing with their simple return policy. They are basically asking for it.

A co-worker told me that if I followed through with this plan he would make a bumper sticker saying: Don't Library My Wal-mart. I believe I blew a raspberry at him.

I think my moral dilemma is apparent. I want something now, can't have it properly, so have found a loop hole. Is this not the American dream? Am I erring in any way?

I feel like a theologian or philosopher at this point. Exhausting. I need to run to Wal-mart and grab a good book.

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