Wacky movie stuff can happen

In the past I have hated watching movies full of ridiculous happenstances that put the characters into wacky situations. You know the ones, where they answer the phone and just begin talking expecting it to be one person and it is actually the person they are talking about,they lean against a car and it rolls backwards into the pond, etc.

I now have a new respect for those people and those happenstances. Sometimes the wacky can happen in real life.

Yesterday I had a situation at work that included my co-worker not doing their work correctly and deciding to blame me to my supervisor instead of taking responsibility for it. At work I was so upset that I could not speak without crying. I was furious, frustrated and more emotional than I have been in a long time. Because of these facts I did not feel comfortable talking with my supervisor in the hour left of the work day.

Instead, I began an email. I wrote the email using highly emotional language citing specific incidents of poor work by my co-worker and stating that I wished to never work with her on a project again. This was a venting exercise that was meant to help me get my thoughts in order before talking with my supervisor. It made me feel better and more able to talk with her.

However, when I went to the top to push save I actual hit the send button. That's right, I sent it to my supervisor. I was probably immobile for a full minute staring at the screen in disbelief. Then the waterworks began. It was a long time before I was able to pull myself together. I sent a second email to my supervisor apologizing for the first email and asking her to not read it until I was able to explain.

Yesterday was literally one of my worst days in a long time. I then spent the whole night rehearsing what I would say to my supervisor the next morning. I will say that it has turned out alright and that it pays to keep good records of things and to have good relationships with as many colleagues as possible.

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