Weird drive home

Today on my drive home I had two odd experiences.

First, I passed Santa Clause on the highway. He had a white beard that came to a point on his chest, was wearing little, gold rimmed glasses and was in a red, one piece long-john outfit (you know, with the buttons down the front as seen on Little House on the Prairie?). And he was driving a little red pick-up truck. I considered taking a picture but traffic was too bad, using cellphones while driving is naughty, and I'm pregnant and shouldn't get in wrecks.

Second, when I turned onto my block at the end of the drive I passed a neighbor woman out mowing her yard. Seems normal enough. Except she was in a shiny, formal pants suit with pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. Sadly, I couldn't see her shoes because she was behind her push lawnmower. Oh, and did I mention she is probably in her 70's?

It all kind of made up for a crappy day.

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