Viva la revolucion!

So, I’m pregnant. And it pretty much sucks. I find my mind and body only caring about how to keep myself from being sick all day long. It makes for a boring me. I am annoyed with myself that all I can seem to do is complain and think about what I might possibly be able to eat next without getting sick.

I have tried many of the little pregnant tricks. Ginger is officially dead to me now. Saltines are a dry death for me as well. Pickles are beginning to climb the chart of death. It is frustrating that I will find something that makes me feel decent and it only last for about two days and then it is the most nauseous of them all.

Frankly, I hate being pregnant.

However, I am sick of being a whine-bag. I hate constantly complaining and that being about all I can say because that is about the only thing on my mind. So, I have decided to stop complaining . . . audibly anyways. When asked how I am doing I will again answer, “fine.” If asked a more specific question like, “are you still getting morning sickness?” I will respond, “Off and on,” and then smile. I am hoping that a positive attitude will change my sickness level and my enjoyment level.

I am making efforts to beat the exhaustion by forcing myself to read so long each day, watch something, do chores, etc everyday whether I feel like it or not. I hate just lying around being boring and having no interests but staring at the ceiling. NO MORE! Viva la revolucion!!!

I am more than a pregnant woman and I am going to start behaving in that way.

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