Ice Candles Melted Me

So, the Summer Reading Program is in full swing at the Moore Public Library. This is absolutely my busiest time of year. I am worn out with crazy amounts of kids, about three programs a week and just a busier library in general. Last summer was my first one and it went quite smoothly and successfully. I actually won the employee of the year award for my stellar performance as programmer extraordinaire.

This year has been a little different. First, there has been a ridiculous amount of teens signing-up. I had about 400 last year and planned for the same this year. However, I had 400 kids by the third week and have run out of give-away bags. I found about a hundred bags from a few years ago that were left over and those are almost gone. I still have 4 1/2 weeks left! I don't know what I am going to do.

Also, my programs are a little crazy this year too. My first program had a 30 person limit. There was a registration and everything for it. However, through a small misunderstanding of some volunteers allowing people in the room early, I ended up with a mob scene of 70+ people, half having signed-up and the other half being sneaky. It was awful, but it worked out alright in the end. We scrounged up enough supplies and all had fun.

The worst fiasco so far was the ice candle making workshop. I was excited about it. The candles look awesome, I had oil to put in them so they would smell nice and everything. Before the program I tried to melt the wax crystals in a crock pot and it worked fine. So, at the program I set up about five crock pots, ready to be a melting fool. However, at the program with 31 kids, it didn't work. Then we rolled in the staff microwave to try to melt them that way and that didn't work either, it only melted the boiling bags.

We luckily have a stove in the kitchen that is on the other side of the library from the meeting room we were in. I started a pot boiling and stuck one of my co-workers in front of it. I had to run back and forth with bags of wax crystal in one direction and boiling hot bags of melted wax in the other direction. A program I worried wouldn't take an hour took two. It was miserable, I was in heels, and one mom was a little mean to me about it (however, she has been mean to me at every single teen event so far and I really wonder why she keeps coming back).

The important part is that everyone left with a finished ice candle. At every program, everyone has left with their proper product and mostly with smiles (except for that one lady), and my numbers are crazy up. I am sure this summer will feel very successful in August after I have taken a week vacation and am well rested (or as well rested as a pregnant lady can be). But right now, I am a little stressed and exhausted. My Eclipse party is looming over my head and will happen tomorrow. That will be a nice one to have out of the way.

Oh, summer.

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