I love Buffy. All seven seasons and the eighth season that was done in graphic novel form. Actually, I just love all things Joss Whedon: Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Dollhouse (mostly). They are all so wonderful! The perfect blend of funny, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, intrigue, romance, intelligence, violence, and punning. I honestly can't believe I haven't written about this before.

Due to my great love (and slightly unnatural obsession) I would love to name my little baby Buffy if it is a girl. I mean, what a great name?!?!? It is a nod back to the 40s and 50s, it is short, sweet, unique with a bit of tough built right in. However, Mr. Neruda is completely against it. He won't even discuss it. I am staggered. First, how rude. Second, I'm doing all the hard work of growing this parasite so I should totally get double say in the name.

Also, for a boy I would love the name Fox after Fox Mulder in the X Files. Mr. Neruda has nixed that one as well. Stupid him. He doesn't know good characters and good names if they punched him in the face (which both would be happy to do!).

So, until I can win him over I will be calling the fetus Buffy or Fox once we know the sex. Hopefully they will grow on him by the time its born and he will crumble to my will. Otherwise, I will concede the name Joss.


  1. Awesomeness. You know how much I love everything Buffy and Joss too. However, I will have to vote with Mr. Neruda (as if I even have a vote). Although the story hinged upon the Buffy character, she also was really, really annoying sometimes and I would hate to have extra bad whiny vibes thrust upon your young child, but who will no doubt possess kick-ass superpowers.

    So have you considered the name Inara, Zoe, or even Scully?
    Aaron out.

  2. I have. Zoe is too popular a name (Though she is completely awesome!). Scully is pretty cool but sounds so much like skull. And Dana is boring. I have brought up Anya a few times but he has nixed that one as well (I mean, who doesn't love Anya? She is hilarious!). One of the top boy names is Malcolm though and I have him sold on that. Of course he shall be Mal for short. Willow has made the short list which excites me. River was discussed lightly, but I think we have moved away from her.