Come on Ted's!

I ate at Ted's in Norman yesterday for the very first time. I am a little snobby about Ted's since I live a few blocks from the original, and apparently I am right to be so.

The cheese dip was not the same. I am just saying. But that was the least of my worries.

After having a lovely dinner with friends I went to the bathroom on my way out. The bathroom had a few shocks in store for me. First, was inside the mirror over the sinks there was a hallograph looking TV screen! I don't know how they did it but the TV was inside the mirror, which is kind of cool. However, it was set to ESPN in the ladies bathroom. I found that odd.

What I also found odd was that none of the bathroom stall doors had hooks on the back. Where is a gal suppose to hang her purse and coat and other things she doesn't want on the nasty bathroom floor.

In order to overcome this problem I went into the handicap stall where there was a changing table. However, the changing table had poop smeared on it. I was pretty annoyed.

Why can a restuarant afford to install a TV in the mirror, something that is completely useless for all but the minute it takes to wash your hands, but they can't afford to put hooks on the back of the stall doors? Really?

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