Fetus Cheek's first race

A couple weeks ago my dad and I ran in the Koman Run in OKC. It was mostly fun except for the fact that running kills my bladder these days and that the Koman Run has a lot of participants who aren't there to run. There was a lot of frustrating congestion throughout, but we were able to get through and have fun.

I felt it was important to run this race because I want to get Malcolm into the running circuit as quickly as possible. I think it's healthy for him and fun. He did really well in his first race. He was calm and determined. The only trouble was how he continually beat up my bladder which made the last mile and a half difficult. But I am sure he knows that mommy loves a challenge and he just wanted to make the unchallenging run a little more challenging. What a little go getter.

Honestly though, the only way I can get through this pregnancy is to do as many normal things as I can.

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