Blood pressure through the roof

A few days ago I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prenatal vitamins. They weren’t quite ready yet, so I found a seat in the waiting room. The only other waiting customer was a restless older man. He paced and fidgeted and finally went over to the blood pressure machine to check his rates.

As he set down he had to move a magazine out of the way. It took a bit for the whole process to play out and I patiently flipped through an issue of Cosmo.
When he finished he got up, picked the magazine up, shook it at me and said, “Well of course my blood pressure is raised, look at that picture!”

On the front of the magazine was a beautiful woman wearing only a men’s dress shirt that was completely unbuttoned and gaping open, showing all the breasts but the nipples.

I will admit that my reaction was slow and groggy as I stared at this 80 year-old-man waiving a nudie magazine at me. When I finally closed my mouth and swallowed my laughter I replied, “That does seem like it would skew the results.”

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