Curse You Oklahoma!

Well, the Oscars have been announced which is always exciting fun. Until you read the list of nominations and see just how screwed we are in Oklahoma. Mr. Neruda and I are huge Oscar geeks. We like to try and watch all the Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress films and then as many of the supporting as we can. Probably a waste of time and ridiculous, but it’s our thing.

However, this year we were thwarted. We really thought we were doing well. We have seen all but one Best Pic, missing the one Oklahoma denied us, and thought we had seen what would be all of the Actor and Actress films. Then the nominations came out with quite a few curve balls and we really don’t stand a chance. Rabbit Hole never came here and it won’t be on video before Oscar night. The same is true about Blue Valentine, 127 Hours, Biutiful, and Animal Kingdom. I am hopeful that Quail will finally get 127 Hours since they do the Best Pictures before Oscar night and Animal Kingdom should come out on DVD before the night. But for the rest we are simply screwed.

Stupid Oklahoma and its limited releases!!!! I hate being screwed (unless it is by Mr. Neruda, then it can be delightful!).

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