One weird lady

I'm sorry, but I have come to the conclusion that Audrey Niffenegger is simply a freakishly weird person.

*Includes spoilers

I loved The Time Traveler's Wife. It was such a unique and interesting story with complex, well developed characters. There were a couple of odd scenes in it like the co-masturbation scene, but it was more fascinating than freaky. I wouldn't have thought of that myself. What an interesting and slightly uncomfortable idea I thought to myself. I suppose boys will be boys.

Then came Her Fearful Symmetry. I was excited about it. It sounded like a cool idea and the other book was so well written. However, it was not so well written. It did not have like-able characters. And there were just some weird things going on. Ghosts stealing bodies, men sleeping with older women and then their niece/daughter, then sleeping with the niece/daughter/dead-lover while knowing it, etc. Just a lot of weird stuff.

Then I read The Night Bookmobile. I was really excited about it. A graphic novel about librarians and books and the love of reading? Why yes please. While I cheered the lack of weird sex stuff I was saddened by its amazingly depressing plot line. It started out coolly enough. Discovering a bookmobile that includes everything you have ever read. Getting to go through it and re-enjoy all those stories would be amazing. However, it kept disappearing so the woman ruined her life trying to find it. She did so to the point of suicide. Now that is sad and weird enough, however, the really depressing part came when the afterlife was never getting to read or see your books again but having to create a library for someone else from birth. Coming from a librarian that seems like my own personal hell. I don't want to cater to other people's horrible reading taste for the rest of my life. When I am done with this life I want to read what I want to read and enjoy myself.

Then came the fourth and probably last book of hers for me, The Three Incestuous Sisters. And we're back to the weird sex stuff (but no incest oddly). We have sisters blowing up babies with firecrackers and babies being born with wings. Birds ripping out all the hair on heads before they explode during their sister's orgasm. Jealousy, betrayal and weird stuff. Also, each page had one 4 word sentence per page or so. They weren't even well written short sentences. Disappointing.

Overall, I think she is a weird weirdo. This doesn't mean she is a bad writer. I still love her first novel but I don't want to know her as a person. I also don't want to meet the rest of her family. The incestuous sister book was actually dedicated to her two sisters. Hmmm. Is it a message to them? Punishment by bringing to light all the horrible things they did to one another? I don't know but I would actually be a little nervous to be around her as a person.

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  1. I enjoyed The Night Bookmobile but agree with you that the plot is awful and depressing. I didn't even try the Three Incestuous Sisters and you have now validated my decision. The Time-Traveler's Wife is lovely, though.