These are a few of my favorite things

In an attempt to turn my pregnant negativity around, especially since we are weirdly close to D-Day (I am off my contraction meds and am dialated to 2 cm), I have decided to make a list of things I have actually enjoyed about my pregnancy.

1. I enjoy how Mariella, my marvelous kitty, continues to insist to her right of sleeping upon my belly. The first time she did this after he began to kick and move and started kicking her and she became quite startled and jumped off. That only happened once. She continues her vigils on my belly and he continues to kick and punch her. She will occasionally resettle herself or wake up from her naps, but she will not be budged. They are both pretty cute.

2. The second time Mr. Neruda and I had to journey to the hospital in the middle of the night for my contraction fun, we had an added surprise. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor that straps across my belly. Fetus Cheek hates the monitor and ultrasounds with a passion. He always runs from them and tries to hide, something that isn’t abnormal for fetuses from what I have heard. However, on that particular night, after I had been hooked up to the stupid monitor for about 3 hours with no real readings on him because he wouldn’t be still, I begged the nurse to release us since he seemed healthy enough to run from it and it was about 3 in the morning. She refused stating that they needed a straight 20 minutes of his reading before we could leave. After she left the room Fetus Cheek proceeded to find the monitor on my belly and start kicking the crap out of it. The speaker was turned all the way up and sounded like someone pounding on a microphone. He was actually moving the monitor on my stomach and he kept it up for a good minute or two, pointedly aiming for that spot. The nurse came racing in to turn down the volume. We were shortly released after that. I think she was as sick of us as we were of her.

3. I enjoy when Mr. Neruda sits in front of me with both hands on my belly. He always begins talking to him with “Hey Buddy” and proceeds to talk to him about all sorts of stuff. 9 out of 10 times this will render a response from Fetus Cheek with many kicks and punches and things. It is pretty cute to feel one boy respond to the other and watch the reaction of the other as he feels the response. I like how they already know one another pretty well. Mr. Neruda is the only one who can get a response from him.

4. I enjoy that the music he responds most to is Patty Griffin and Classical. He already has good taste. He also really liked a flutist that played at our church. So far he hates the drums. A lot.

5. I really enjoy how he likes butt and back massages. He will push his butt and back up against my belly really hard and hold it there while I rub and massage him. Sometimes I can get him to surface and move by pushing and rubbing against the spot where his booty usually lies. I hope that means he will be snuggly when he comes out.

6. I liked how a month or so ago I was driving home from work and felt a very firm fist jab into my belly. He held it there so I rubbed it and pushed on it. He slightly moved it and I followed. We “played” like that for a minute or so like two magnets turned opposite of one another. It was pretty fun.

7. I loved the first time Mr. Neruda felt him move. He was able to feel him move at around 18 weeks, which is pretty early. I could feel him at around 16 weeks or so and felt bad because Mr. Neruda wanted to feel him SO badly and I was worried it would be a long time before he could. However, during a movie he was able to and the look on his face was priceless. He floated on cloud nine for about a week after that.

8. I loved taking him on his first race. My dad and I signed up to run the Koman Run in downtown OKC. I was about 6 months pregnant ad my running clothes wouldn’t cover my belly all the way. We went in and ran the best we could with all the congestion that comes with a Koman Run (they aren’t really filled with runners and we got there a bit late so were nowhere near the front). I’m glad I got to get him into the sporty circuit at such a young age! We had a blast, but the beating that Fetus Cheek gave my bladder led me to make that my final run of the pregnancy and stick to the elliptical from then on. A good work out without all the bumpiness.

9. I love snuggling with Mr. Neruda in bed at night or in the morning and pressing my big ole’ belly against his belly or back. Almost every time Fetus Cheek will get to moving and Mr. Neruda can feel him through his back or belly. They are fun, intimate moments.

These are only a few things I can think of right now. I am sure there are plenty more, but I will leave the list here.


  1. i love all of this. i remember when justin felt eli kick for the first time. it was magical. and i heart mariella. :)