Bright side

I just completed my second day back at work. It was still sad and difficult to concentrate with the sleep deprivation. However, there is a bright side: not being pregnant.

I didn't really like being pregnant. One reason for this is that I was constantly being watched, commented on, commented to, insulted, annoyed, etc by complete strangers and acquaintances. I couldn't stand it. However, while taking a patron back to the area they needed it dawned on me what was different since coming back to work. No one noticed me. No one felt the need to touch me or comment on my size or tell me their childbearing stories.

What a magical moment to return to my anonymous status. I could walk around as if nothing was special about me. No one knew I had just had a child. No one knew anything about me by just looking. I am no longer a walking billboard of one of the most intimate and life rocking issues of my life. Take that world, no longer am I an open book. I'm shut tight and shall remain so for ages.

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