I'm a damp, itchy person

Part II of the wonderment of yeast. Thrush in the baby's mouth. Yeast all over my boobs and within. Seriously, this is miserable. I never thought I would love him suckling my bosom so much, but his suction is the most perfect scratching device. Nothing scratches my sore boobs the way he does which is weird but I am beyond caring.

I am a bit tired of constantly leaking milk and itching all over the place. Ugh. Then, today, my eye started to itch and I panicked that the yeast was in my eye. I am not sure if that is possible, and the eye itch has gone away, but it really freaked me out in the moment.


  1. Does the breast milk itself carry the yeast? Cause I heard breast milk was really good for pink eye and eye infections. You just shoot it in there. Never tried it.

  2. Hux's tearduct was infected when he was born and it kept getting pussy and what not. I shot some breat milk in there a few times and it seemed to clear it right up. My eye is fine now, I think I just over reacted.