Feel the speed

I never saw it coming, but being a parent makes me feel like I am in the movie Speed.

My child sleeps quite well in the car seat when he is happy and already sleepy. However, if it is feeding time or his diaper is dirty, etc the car seat is not necessarily the answer. In fact, putting him in the car seat ticks him off more during those times. However, if the car can get up to at least 40 mph for a consecutive amount of time it will knock him out. Anything less is worthless and the "bomb" goes off.

Today we went to a family gathering in Edmond and then had to go to book club in OKC. Little Man was ready to be fed when we were arriving in Edmond and was letting us know about it. However, we got to driving and he conked out. He was quiet for so long that we thought we could run into Homeland to grab something to take to the family event. The plan was for Mr. Neruda to keep the car moving around the parking lot while I ran in. Little Man was not fooled by the measly 5 mph or so in the parking lot and lost it. However, when we got back on the road he was fine until we got to their house and parked. He immediately started fussing.

A similar situation happened when we were leaving Edmond. He decided he was hungry again and started crying. We thought we would be fine when we left the neighborhood but we hit 6 streetlights in a row and could never get over 25 mph. I never cursed Edmond as much as I did at that moment. When we finally cleared out of all that and hit the highway Little Man cooed and then was silent.

I now have deeper sympathy for Sandra and Keanu and their plight on that bus. I never knew that movie had so many hidden depths.

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