First day back

Today was my first day back to work. It was awfully sad and brought forth great anxiety. It was great to see all my coworkers and to find out all the insane shenanigans that have been going on around that place. I mean, seriously!

Anywho, I missed my Little Man something awful. However, it was bearable. In fact, I was almost completely unable to absorb the entire day. And Little Man is entirely to thank for it. You see, Little Man found himself in the middle of one hell of a growth spurt. This growth spurt included a 5 hour feeding session that could only come from my boobs, the bottle was inferior and cause for a giant fit. The 5 hour feeding session was only interrupted by a few diaper changes and some burping episodes. It was followed by a few hours of extreme fussiness. Then some sleep on his part and then two more feedings. Now you might think, WOW, that must have been miserable. Well, it wasn't the most fun ever. And 45 minutes of sleep before my first adult day wasn't ideal seeming. However, it caused me to go through the day in a kind of surreal haze that I think allowed me to keep my hormones in check and not bawl my way through the library.

I suppose I owe the Little Man a thank you. But I would appreciate a little less activity tonight. Praise all that is holy that growth spurt feeding sessions are followed by long sleeps.

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