Safe Haven

I must say, the more I hear about what is going on in the world the happier I become that I live in Oklahoma. Sure we can be overly religious. And sure our Congressmen make us seem ignorant and backwater. And sure we aren't overly cultured. But, by-gum, we are safe geographically.

The Tsunami last night got me thinking about how crazy our world is and how it terrifies me a little. But then I began to think about places that are falling apart. Mostly coastal, places over major fault lines, places by volcanoes, and places with freaked out political structures. Oklahoma is basically exempt from all that.

I wouldn't live on the coast to save my life these days. Nor would I go somewhere like California, a place full of mudslides, earthquakes, fires, etc.

I like Oklahoma. There is no coast to worry about. Tsunamis, hurricanes, global warming making water levels rise, this will not immediately effect Oklahoma. We have tornadoes and thunder storms sure, but they are quick and mostly something we can dodge. Sure I could do without that hailstorm from last year or the snowstorm my child was born in, but that did not leave major lasting damage like the other disasters. My major fear is that my high school government teacher's declaration will come true that Tinker is a major nuclear bombing target because of the AWACS planes. That is the only thing that gives me pause about living in the middle of Oklahoma.

Our problems are manageable. Plus, we can grow our own food here and raise livestock. We have a lot of natural water sources.

Whenever I see a new disaster striking somewhere and begin to panic about the fact that I just brought a tiny baby into the middle of this crappy place, I stop and remember that I am in Oklahoma. This is the Heartland of waving wheat, Native American internment camps, and terrorist bombings. All things that are better than what is happening elsewhere in the world. I wish to remain under the radar right here in inconsequential Oklahoma and raise my boy to old age.


Please add fires to Oklahoma's problems. They kind of crept up on us today and it seems to not be going great. I will say that a house fire is one of my biggest fears.

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  1. I had the exact same thought this morning. And then the exact same addendum to my thought after seeing the fires on the news.