My milkshake brings all the babies to the yard

I began this breastfeeding adventure with a lot of reservations. I couldn't imagine enjoying it and I was very worried that something would be wrong with my milk or supply or something. But I was especially worried about pumping.

However, I am doing awesomely. For a while I was only pumping about 2-3 oz per session per boob. But then I learned that many women do that per session without having fed a baby first. That calmed me.

Then I got 7 oz from one boob in one setting and it blew my mind. Of course I later found out that my doctor, who is also pumping right now, gets 11 oz per boob per session. Crazy.

But what really calms me and makes me feel awesome is that I have 43 bags of milk saved in the freezer right now and I get at least two a day to add to that. Apparently that's really good according to some other pumping peeps I know. It should all remain as reserves and he will eat what I pump one day after I pump it when I go back to work. I am feeling empowered about going back to work now.

I am a milk producing goddess!


  1. I was excited to read this post with that title! Did you know there is a place in London I believe that sells Breast Milk Ice Cream. You could try that out.

  2. kinsey, we talked about that at our book club! so crazy!