Search Party

This just in, I am in search of a married female with a child under a year old. The younger the better really.

No, this search is not for making whoopee. This search is for friendship. I want a bosom buddy who gets what I am dealing with now and can have fun commiseration time. I want one where we can bring our babies on friend dates without any weirdness.

I have friends who are parents but none who are recent parents. I still like my friends who have 2 year olds and 5 year olds, etc. But I want a friend experiencing this stuff for the first time right along with me, not someone who is just walking down memory lane often smirking and enjoying my pain because they went through it years ago and are sadists (seriously, this is not an isolated event. Since becoming pregnant I have been wished ill and laughed at for horrible things so many times it isn't even funny. American women are, frankly, vengeful bitches half the time. Especially the old ones. I almost threw down with white haired ladies on a daily basis while pregnant. I now refuse to complain about anything baby related or ask questions at work for fear that these women will rub my face in the difficulty and dance on my misery).

So, if any of you know women with recent bundles of joy who are cool, funny, intelligent, athletic would be ideal, have good hygiene, and decent home lives please send me their info. Or set up a meeting with them for me because one problem in procuring these friends is that it is awkward as hell. I feel like I am dating again but now two of us need to be liked instead of just myself. Oh, the pressure!


  1. I am glad you have a little boy, but at the same time, I am searching for a little girl close to Davie's age that will be the kind of friends with her that we were with each other growing up. You let me down on that front. We had some grand ole times Annie dear. I will keep my eyes open for you. I will also try not to rub your misery in your own face. If I do, you can rub it in my face that I have a tornado for a child.

  2. basically most of my musician friends that are women. they have all had babies recently or are about to. we had tentatively talked about having play dates sometimes on fridays, so i'll let you know if that keeps happening and i can introduce you to them.

  3. Sweat! That's awesome.

    And Kinsey, sorry about the boy. He would have been too young anyways.

  4. By the way, that was me not John who posted the above.

  5. Ha! I was wondering why he was so excited. ;)