Geeky wrath

So, I just read a review of The Game of Thrones TV series that is on HBO, in the New York Times. And it was awful. It has angered me, a lot, for many reasons. Some of these reasons are that the article implies that I can't like fantasy without there being erotic scenes because I am a woman. It also implies that something like this show is too complicated for me to follow so I should stick to reruns of Sex and the City, because I am a woman. It is a terribly done review where it mentions next to nothing about the show itself, like characters and plot, etc and it implies that there are dwarfs in the show a la Lord of the Rings. There are not. There is a dwarf, who is a small person like what we have in reality.

As a woman and a major fan of the series I am greatly offended. But as a person who can string words and ideas together, and who writes reviews, I am also offended.

Also, it was written by a woman strangely enough. A woman who I believe has never actually seen the show, has definitely never read even the back cover of the book, and who probably harbors some weird hatred of fantasy lit in general. I bet she wasn't cool enough to play D&D in high school and this is her way of getting back.

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